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ATC is one of the foremost DOD test and training ranges, supporting both military and commercial materiel developers by testing a broad spectrum of equipment from concept through deployment. STC will provide high-quality, on-site services to the ATC Welding, Fabrication, Machining, and Paint Shops as part of an integrated team supporting the Automotive, Command Staff, C4ISR, Firepower, Plans & Ops, Survivability/Lethality, Test Technology, and Warfighter core competencies. This new contract adds an important facet to STC’s complement of science, engineering, fabrication and technical support contracts.

STC is a small business providing technical and management services to the Army, NASA and other Federal customers. STC’s support at Aberdeen has included diverse support work in fields such as Test & Evaluation and Chemical/Biological detection. Outside of Aberdeen, STC provides multidisciplinary science, technology, fabrication, and management support services to other DOD Agencies, NASA, NOAA, EPA and FAA.

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