Science and Technology Corporation (STC) is working with our customers on a wide variety of projects that focus on basic and applied R&D, the design of chemical-biological defense systems, and the safest ways to demilitarize and dispose of chemical warfare agents. STC also supports the development of both obscurants and obscuration systems.


Our in-depth understanding and technical capabilities span the following domains:

  • Chemical biological (CB) detection, identification, and protection technologies:
    • Remote sensing using electro-optical and hyperspectral imagers
    • Mission and prototype sensors
    • Immunoassay and molecular biosensor technologies
    • Advanced vapor detection systems
    • Assays and biosensor systems
    • Laboratory instrumentation
  • Technology assessment
  • Chemical demilitarization
  • CB range and test data collection
  • Atmospheric and topographic background and interference characterization
  • Obscuration material and system development


We also provide general support services in Chemical & Biological Defense including:

  • Program/Project Management
  • Financial/Budget Services
  • Administrative Services


Examples of our Chemical & Biological Defense work:

  • STC supports the U.S. Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command’s Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) with CB and obscurant R&D.
  • STC supported the U.S. Army’s chemical agent destruction program at Tooele, Utah. STC personnel developed and applied methods of detecting fugitive compounds entering the air, soil, and water in the proximity of the demilitarization site.
  • In support of the Program and Integration Support contract, STC provides environmental science, air monitoring and analysis and project scheduling support to the Chemical Materials Activity for the destruction of the stockpile of lethal unitary chemical agents and munitions and chemical warfare related materials.
  • STC supports test and evaluation activities at the West Desert Test Center, Dugway Proving Ground.