STC has an upcoming requirement for administrative and clerical support services for our NOAA customer. The agency has experienced and will continue to experience changes which result in increased demands for administrative and clerical support services. STC will provide support services for administrative and clerical occupations in support of the NOAA’s OAR mission. STC shall provide all personnel, tools, materials, supervision, and other items necessary to provide these services that meet the Government’s requirements.

In order to facilitate for incumbent capture for this effort, we have created the following links for applying to STC.

We are asking that individuals that fit into the following professional services areas apply:

For Budget/Financial positions:—finance-positions/job
Budget Analyst
Financial Analyst

For Specialist positions
Communication Specialist
Environmental Compliance Specialist
Grant Administrative Support Specialist
Subject Matter Expert

For Analyst Positions:
Management Analyst
Personnel Analyst
Program Analyst
System Analyst

For Administrator positions:
Program Manager
Project Administrator
Project Coordinator

Information on STC’s company mission, vision, and values can be found on the main page of our website ( We take great consideration to ensure that our employees are provided with the best possible benefits, accommodations, and overall work environment. In our efforts to do so we provide salaries that are commensurate with job responsibilities, benefits that exceed the industry average, and incentives such as recruitment bonuses, performance bonuses, and spot-awards. For incumbent staff at contract award, we strive to make them “whole” by grandfathering benefits and considering their total tenure in support of the customers in allocation of annual leave accrual.

We look forward to having the potential to work together and to have you as a part of our team!