Science & Technology Corporation (STC) is anticipating award of the Requirements, Assurance and Assessment Division’s (RAAD) User Engagement contract which will support the Office of Systems Architecture and Engineering (SAE) in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service (NESDIS) Line Office.

SAE provides a systematic approach to requirements, satellite architecture planning, strategic planning, and systems engineering while RAAD provides requirements data observation, user needs information, observing system portfolio/architecture analysis, and manages the data sets for analytical support to NOAA senior leadership.

STC is looking to build a highly-skilled and experienced User Engagement (UE) team to partner with us on this endeavor. We are looking for select individuals who require minimal direct guidance and are capable of collaboration and knowledge exchange within a team. Interested parties should also have a passion for user relations, including research and analysis, and a desire for satellite design, planning, and delivery.  Sound like you? Take a look below for the roles we are hoping to fill, pending award of the contract:


Customer Researcher/Analyst – Coming Soon!
Economist – Coming Soon!
Data Analyst – Coming Soon!
Stakeholder engagement specialist – Coming Soon!
Communications Specialist – Coming Soon!
User Engagement Graphic Artists – Coming Soon!
User Engagement Technical Writer – Coming Soon!
Executive Secretariat for USGEO – Coming Soon!
Engineering Services – Coming Soon!
Science Policy Expert IV – Coming Soon!


STC is committed to the personal and professional growth of our employees. We realize that an important element in attracting, retaining, and motivating highly qualified people is maintaining the right balance of direct, indirect, and deferred compensation that enhances the careers of employees and provides a satisfying work environment.

We encourage those who are interested in joining STC to monitor our website and other relevant channels for updates and additional details as they become available. We look forward to potentially working with you as part of our UE SAE team!